StoryMap: North River Early Black Heritage Trail


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Key words: North River, Massachusetts, slavery in New England, Slavery in Massachusetts, slavery in Plymouth County, slavery on the South Shore, South Shore slavery, slavery in Hanover, Massachusetts, slavery in Scituate, Massachusetts, slavery in Norwell, Massachusetts, South Scituate, Belle House Neck, Justice William Cushing, Quock Walker, William Vassall, Commonwealth v. Jennison, Lloyd Vernon Briggs, Walter Briggs shipyard, shipbuilding, shipbuilding on the North River, Rev. Nathaniel Eels, West Indian slave trade, enslaved, slaveholder, Dr. Isaac Otis, Asher Freeman, Dinah Comsett, Revolutionary War, Black Patriots in the Revolution, African Americans in the Revolution, Cuffee, Charles Granderson, Simeon Granderson, Almshouse, Norwell First Parish Cemetery, Fruitful Sylvester, Venus Manning, Warren Freeman, William Freeman, 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Civil War, Jerry Gunderway, Jeremiah Gunderway, Richard Gunderway, Benjamin Franklin Lee, Richard Winslow, Joseph Josselyn Hanover, Cuffee Josselyn, Joseph Barstow, Barstow Forge, Joshua Barstow, Job Tilden House, Cuffee Tilden, Cuff Tilden

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