Charles, the stowaway form Barbados

January 1742

John Coshat/Corhatt, a minor of Plymouth (mariner), and Scipio, a negro slave belonging to Capt John Pickard, while visiting Carlisle Bay, Barbados, “did take and conceal on board the sloop Molly…a…negro man called Charles”, held in slavery by Benjamin Bissett. Scipio and Coshat hid Charles on Commander Elkanah Cushman’s ship until they reached Plymouth, and then further concealed Charles for fourteen more days.

The jurors found that Scipeo and Coshat were “guilty of feloniously stealing away, harboring, and concealing…Charles, the servant and property” of Bissett. The court ordered the defendants to pay £5 fins and £15.17s.6d costs of prosecution and to “stand committed until paid”.


SOURCE: Plymouth County, MA: Plymouth Court Records, 1686-1859. CD-ROM. Boston, MA.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002. Copyright, 2002, Pilgrim Society. (Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.)


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