Slavery in Hanover

Slavery in Hanover, Massachusetts


My virtual presentation to the Hanover Historical Society, 27 April 2022.

Early Hanover Collection: the digitized books used to compile this project.

Interested in shipbuilding? I built a spreadsheet looking at ships built in Massachusetts and on the South Shore that are documented in the database.

Other local projects:


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3 responses to “Slavery in Hanover”

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  2. Michelle Davidson Avatar
    Michelle Davidson

    Your work on this project fascinates me. Everyone likes to think of Massachusetts as always being anti-slavery, when it absolutely was not. Like much of history, Massachusetts history has been white-washed and we’re taught only the good things.

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    1. Thank you, Michelle. It was jarring to me to learn how many enslaved people lived in Hanover in such a short time. Please let me know if you have any questions! Also, I hope you like and maybe share my other stories about Abington and the clandestine gravesite and about Venus Manning.


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