“Besides several other Blacks not named”

Black and Indigenous people of eighteenth-century Abington

*This is a work in progress. I am still uncovering new source material and working on disambiguating familial relations and similar names.

The title of this page comes from the entry in a transcription of the Cyrus Nash House Book, a transcript of a nineteenth-century manuscript held at Abington’s Dyer Memorial Library and Archives. This book is a source for numerous deaths not recorded in Abington vital records.

A new source on Slavery in Abington: The Martha Campbell Letter

This 1967 letter from journalist and Abington historian Martha Campbell was uncovered by the staff at the Dyer Memorial Library & Archives in May of 2022. Discussed in the body of this letter is several enslaved Abingtonians that I was previously unaware of. I am in the process of tracking and cataloging the primary sources, but there are excellent leads in this letter that aren’t found anywhere online.

A Table of Enslaved Abingtonians

Rose (Possibly Dwight)Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown
Tony/Anthony Dwight1801Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown
Bathsheba Dwight (Tony’s first wife)Indian/UnknownRev. Samuel Brown
Shobal (possibly Dwight)1736Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Isaac (possibly Dwight)1738Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Bethsheba Dwight1740Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Isaac Dwight1741Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
David Dwight1742Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Amos Dwight1745Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Ezra Dwight1748Biracial/UncertainRev. Samuel Brown
Violet Powell Traveller Dwight1810Black/UnknownRev. Samuel Brown
Caesar Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown
FloraBlack/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown
Besse Coback Gould17341798Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown & Josiah Torrey
Brister Gould17591823Black/EnslavedJosiah Torrey
Phebe Wamsley Rosier Gould1839Indian/Free
Cuff Rosaria, Sr.1727Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown & Josiah Torrey
Dinah (Lamb) Nummuck RosariaIndian/Uncertain
Cuff Rosaria, Jr.1753Biracial/UncertainJosiah Torrey
Silas Rosaria/Rosier1756Biracial/UncertainJosiah Torrey
Jack Packanet Bailey1798Perhaps Biracial/Enslaved in HanoverCol. John Bailey of Hanover
JackBlack/EnslavedAaron Hobart
BillahBlack/EnslavedAaron Hobart
Moses1791Black/EnslavedMr. Nash
Cate/Katecirca 17341818Black/EnslavedRev. Samuel Brown & Josiah Torrey
Amie17621780Black/EnslavedJosiah Torrey
Unnamed person of color from Braintree who died in the house of Rev. Samuel Niles“person of color”/UnknownPossibly Rev. Samuel Niles
Primus Cobus/Coburn17641820Black/Free
Frank Black/EnslavedDr. Gridley Thaxter
Dick1793“person of color”/Unknown

Key words: slavery in Abington, slavery in Plymouth County, Slavery in Massachusetts, Slavery in New England, Slavery in Abington Massachusetts, Wampanoag, Indian, Colonial Massachusetts,

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