"Here lies buried governors Thomas Dudley 1653, Joseph Dudley 1720. Chief Justice Paul Dudley 1752, Colonel William Dudley 1743" photo: Abdalian, Leon H., 1884-1967

The Dudley Family of Roxbury and Their Enslaved People

The eponymous Roxbury square bearing the Dudleys’ name is now Nubian Square, a shift re-centering focus to the Black community who has lived there for decades and away from a colonial-era legacy of slavery. In that spirit, my research reveals the names of 11* people enslaved by the Dudley family. Brill was a coachman enslaved by Joseph Dudley. Paul Dudley purchased a “negro boy” from an infamous pirate ship. William Dudley brought slavery to Roslindale…


Remembering Quam, Flora, Peter, Caesar, Guinea, Kate, Billah, Hannah, Cato, Peter, Brill, and Jimmy* (now 12 with the addition of Jimmy).

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Independent research by Wayne Tucker.


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